Putting your dreams
into shape

We’re an OEM manufacturer of natural cosmetics
created from carefully selected, naturally-derived ingredients.
We provide comprehensive support to suit your concept.

Putting your dreams into shape

Herb Labo acts as a dependable business partner to our clients, providing not only OEM services, but also comprehensive support from product planning, to manufacture, to distribution, to sales promotion.
We manufacture our OEM cosmetics with natural ingredients, to ensure the products we create are safe and reliable.
Make the most of our herbal cosmetics manufacturing expertise for your cosmetics production.
Herb Labo are more than just naturalists, so come to us for your specialist organic cosmetics.

Herb Labo’s Strengths:
Over 40 Years of Results

Our group has over 40 years specializing in formulas made from natural ingredients.
Chemical ingredients can create stable emulsifiers, but this is not so easy with natural emulsifiers.
Our many years of experience have taught us what we need to be aware of.
Formulas appearing mixed but later separating, or not stabilizing thus requiring different ingredients,
are not concerns of ours, as we have made the most of our past experiences to carry out successive periods of technological innovation.
We know how to create great, high quality products by taking full advantage of natural ingredients.

Herb Labo’s 6 Specialties

Our staff are specialists in the cosmetics industry, and they will listen to the client’s product concept,
and provide consultation as a joint partner.

  • Commitment to Plant Ingredients

    Commitment to Plant Ingredients

    We come up with safe and reliable cosmetics that are made from 100% natural and plant-derived ingredients.

  • Unique Formula Creation

    Unique Formula Creation

    We have established unique manufacturing technology using our experience and expertise from over 40 years of research and development in cosmetics, specializing in minerals and plant ingredients, avoiding chemical ingredients wherever possible.

  • Handmade Manufacturing

    Handmade Manufacturing

    We will create your desired item with handmade manufacturing, to make the most of the latest equipment and natural materials.

  • Flexibility for Extensive Demands

    Flexibility for Extensive Demands

    Within the wide range of cosmetics services, we can also create additive-free cosmetics, or organic cosmetics.

  • Comprehensive Ideas

    Comprehensive Ideas

    We listen to our client’s requirements, then come up with and create OEM cosmetics to fit with the latest trends.

  • Full Support System

    Full Support System

    We can support your cosmetics designs with our rich knowledge and many years of technical experience, such as improving efficacy and suggesting unique combinations based on Western phytotherapy.

OEM Cosmetics Process

We use safe and reliable procedures to support our clients from consultation through to cosmetic product completion.

  • 01

    Consultation, Planning
    & Meeting

    Consultation, Planning & Meeting

    We listen to your product requirements, carry out a detailed consultation, and come up with a plan.

  • 02

    Development, Prototype, Quality Test

    Development, Prototype, Quality Test

    We create a prototype product based on the client’s requirements. We can redo the prototype multiple times if necessary, and will happily do so until the client is happy with the product.

  • 03

    Packaging Meeting

    Packaging Meeting

    We will suggest design ideas based on the client’s branding, such as naming, logo, copy, and packaging.

  • 04

    Pharmaceutical Check

    Pharmaceutical Check

    We will check that none of the writing on the container or cosmetics case violates the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

  • 05

    Manufacture, Quality Inspection, Delivery

    Manufacture, Quality Inspection, Delivery

    We carry out quality inspections on all processes, and will only start production once this test has been passed.

We use safe and reliable procedures to support our clients from consultation through to cosmetic product completion.

After the first meeting, we will develop the formula and carry out sample trials. It is usually at least 6 months after the formula is determined.

Cosmetics OEM Product Examples

We can work with a wide range of cosmetics, from skincare to haircare.

  • Skincare


    Cleansing, lotions, essences, creams

    Case of Sensitive Skin Series
    Those with sensitive skin can use these products with peace of mind, as they are made with anti-inflammatory agent extracts, moisturizing ingredients containing amino acids, and shea butter and organic acai fruit oil, which are both rich in oleic acid. Our Skin Brightening Series and Japanese Herb Series are also popular.

  • Mom & Baby

    Mom & Baby

    Baby wash, baby lotion, stretch mark oils

    Case of Baby Wash
    A silky-textured, foaming baby wash.
    It has been rated highly for daily use, as the foam reduces friction against the skin, and the amino acid cleanser gently washes without causing any damage to the skin.

  • Makeup


    BB creams, liquid foundations, etc.

    A multifunctional makeup base, with primer, sunscreen, moisturizing lotion, and light foundation ingredients all in one. The serum-like formula is created only from natural and plant ingredients.

  • Haircare


    Shampoos, hair treatments,
    conditioners, mud packs, etc.

    Our cleansing haircare products are silicone-free and made with amino acids. Our company has much experience with skincare, so our shampoos and treatments are gentle on the scalp, and are made with a well-balanced blend of low-acidity soap cleanser, for a highly cleansing yet low-irritation product.

Herb Labo Original Production and Development

Creating safe and reliable products


Product Development Un-reliant on Chemical Components

Herb Labo endeavors to create products in accordance with our clients’ wishes, but we do have our own unique specialties within this. In the over 40 years we have been creating plant-based cosmetics, we have been working to create safer and more effective products.

10 Reliable Additive Free Formulas


Specialized Handmade Manufacturing

In order to mix delicate plant ingredients, we often need the human eye, as well as handwork. We use this in everything from mixing to characteristic checks at each stage. From our experience with natural ingredients over the years, we have found that handmade manufacturing is still essential to this day.


Quality Control Based on Cosmetic GMP

A clean room in each location, with a high degree of cleanliness
The ingredients in our formulas are all natural, which means they are more delicate. We take great care to keep a hygienic environment, both in storage and in the production site. The manufacturing area and the packing area are both clean rooms. The cleanliness level is moving towards “Class 10,000,” close to that of pharmaceutical companies.

Commitment to Organic

Herb Labo is committed to the right ingredients

Herb Labo does not simply create OEM products in accordance with the client’s requirements, but we also pay particular attention to the plant ingredients we use.
In recent years, there has been a greater demand for organic cosmetics, and the ability to procure ingredients that can safely differentiate us from other OEM manufacturers has become more crucial.
As such, Herb Labo is always researching herbs and pushing towards Japan becoming self-sufficient in its herbal ingredients.
Part of achieving this is “Our Farm” in Yamanashi Prefecture.

  • German Chamomile

    German Chamomile

  • Common Mallow

    Common Mallow

  • Purple Coneflower

    Purple Coneflower

  • Chinese Skullcap

    Chinese Skullcap

Company Overview

Herb Labo Co., Ltd.
June 2010
Capital Stock
President Yuji Naito
Business Details
Cosmetics Planning / Manufacture / Sales
1-2-23 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, 460-0003 (map)
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Nature's Way Co., Ltd.

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